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    Officers say they received pizza from El Paso restaurant with a pig drawn on box
    El Paso Municipal Police Officers' Association
    COVID-19 cases among El Paso first responders
    El Paso Municipal Police Officers' Association
    Sergeant Samuel A. Hicks: June 24, 1982
    El Paso Police Department welcomes idea of lapel cameras; funding equipment in question
    El Paso Municipal Police Officers' Association
    Deputy Richard Herzog
    New details: Fort Bliss soldier accused of shooting El Paso police officer during 911 call
    El Paso Municipal Police Officers' Association
  • Join the FOP

    Because It's The Best Decision You Will Ever Make!!

    Ever wonder why the Fraternal Order of Police is by leaps and bounds the fastest growing and largest representative police organization in both the Nation and Colorado? Take a moment to watch this excellent video released by our FOP Brothers/Sisters in Washington State and ask yourself, who knows better the issues and challenges we face than the officers who have patrolled the beat, worked the jails, and served their communities? Only those who have done the job! And that's who we are.  Cops working for cops!

    This video was produced by WA State FOP but applies to every FOP lodge in this nation. From your Local Lodge to your State Lodge to your National Lodge the brotherhood we share being FOP members, bar none, is the greatest reason why we should all join together and become members of the FOP, the greatest Law Enforcement Organization in the world.

    Becoming a member of the Fraternal Order of Police Adams County Lodge 1 will by far be the best decision that you will ever make!  The FOP is this Nation's and Colorado's largest, most influential, and most unified voice of our profession. Cops working for and supporting cops to improve our profession.  These are difficult times to be a peace officer.  Our profession is under attack from many sources.  You are exposed and vunerable on your own. Who is looking out for you?  Who has your back?. If we don't look out for each other...no one will. As an FOP member we have your back.  We are one.  We are the thin blue line.  We are #FOPSTRONG and we fight back!

    Are you finacially able to pay for an attorney on your own, with peace of mind, if you become involved in a serious use of force issue?  Do you really think your employer will look out for you?  Only if its in their best interest! Not yours! Can you afford an employment attorney on workplace matters?  What about workman's comp if they refuse your claim? Odds are that on a cop's salary you would go bankrupt in attorney's fees.  How about workplace rights?  How well do you know FLSA, Workers Comp, EEOC, and other guranteed employment rights.  Do you know what to do if your rights are violated? Do you have the finacial resources to ensure your employment rights? As members of the State FOP Labor Council we have attorneys available to assist in these areas.  We are truly a full service employee organization. 

    As an FOP member you can put that exposure to rest.  With the best legal defense plan available.  With the best labor services program available.  With the best Worker's Comp and attorneys who specialize in workplace rights available. With Colorado's top law firms skilled in defending peace officers on administrative, civil, and criminal matters available. With the the best labor attorneys in the western United States skilled in employment law and labor contract matters available.  With the best political action/legislative program available. Along with all the other benefits and services that membership brings.  We are the best.  There is NO other organization in Colorado that offers anything near to what we provide our members. No other organization or union even comes close. Get the protection, benefits and help you need.  You need not stand alone.  Let your voice be heard as one with your brothers & sisters.  Be part of your future. Be FOP.

    Becoming an FOP Member:

    Joining is simple.  Just contact any FOP Lodge 1 Executive Board member and we will get you started. 



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